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    Wednesday, July 12, 2017   /   by Admin .

    10 Treasures to Remember in Order to Survive and Thrive in The Storms of Life

    10 Treasures to Remember in Order to Survive and Thrive in The Storms of Life 


    “Do you want us to save your wife or your child?”


    The doctor’s frantic question stripped Ike Reighard of his dream of fatherhood and threw him headlong into a nightmare he was not expecting.


    Can you imagine being faced with such a question or circumstance?  You may know someone or maybe you are one who has had to face crushing circumstances that life brings at times.  Dr. Ike Reighard, author of ‘Treasures from the Dark’ is a gifted teacher of servant leadership principles.  A core value of our real estate company! 


    In our quest to build a great business that serves others, we have read many books, attended many seminars and learned much from very successful business people offering to share what works to give clients better serviced and results. 


    Dr. Ike Reighard ...

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    Thursday, June 29, 2017   /   by Admin .

    HOMEWARD BOUND July 2017

    Homeward Bound
    Impactful Real Estate News

    July 2017                                                                                      
    Paul & Gillian Redman
    The Redman Home Team

     Celebrate ‘Your’ Independence… TOO!                                   
    July 4th 1776 is a momentous day in history for all FREE Country’s across the Globe – AND so is the day we buy our own home!!!   Owning Real Estate, especially your own home, is a sure-fire Celebration of Independence. 
    In today’s market, many home owners really want to make a move, but are finding themselves in a catch 22 – whether to sell first or buy f ...

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